Fact Check: On Loren’s public debate attendance

by Kate Villaflor

In the ANC show Headstart, Karen Davila asked Senator Loren Legarda, “are you ever going to join the debates? People are asking why doesn’t Loren Legarda ever join the debates?”

Legarda replied, “basta imbitado niyo ako pupunta ako.”

To validate this claim, a tally of Legarda’s debate and forum attendance was made. Considering that it is a standard practice to invite all the senatorial candidates in the debates, it appears that Legarda did not attend any senatorial debate in ABS-CBN. She did, however, attend one debate in GMA-7 (Umagang Hiritan) and Inquirer’s Senate Forum.  






Kate Villaflor is an undergraduate student of the Department of Sociology, UP Diliman.