International Women’s Day 2019

"The struggle for women’s right to vote was the site for early feminism in the Philippines. It spanned three decades, culminating in September 1937 with the ratification by the Commonwealth government National Assembly after a plebiscite vote by women voters on April 30, 1937. With 447,725 “Yes” votes, a number well above the 300,000 quota stipulated by the 1935 Constitution, finally “the Filipina got the vote.”"

In celebration of International Women's Day, check out Dr. Athena Lydia Casambre's article entitled "Early Feminism in the Philippines," citing Pura Villanueva Kalaw's "How the Filipina Got the Vote"!

Developed by: Dr. Jean Encinas-Franco (Assistant Professor)
Designed by: Herby Jireh Esmeralda (Research Assistant)

Casambre, Athena Lydia and Rood, Steven. "Early Feminism in the Philippines." The Asia Foundation, March 7, 2012.