Pangilinan and the price of rice

12513735 10154030763573200 5402269108849078165 oLiberal Party candidate for the Senate Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan talking to supporters. Photo from the Kiko Pangilinan Facebook Fan Page.

Television advertisements, popularly known as “TV ads”, have become a popular choice for aspiring politicians to reach out to the Filipino people due to their wide coverage. Various politicians come up with gimmicks in order to maximize their 30-second advertisements. Some politicians use the 30 seconds to forward their platforms. Some politicians use it to narrate their experiences while some politicians use to put forward claims such as the legislations they passed and the programs that they initiated.

Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan is one of the many senatorial candidates who make use of TV ads to put forward claims on legislations they passed. As a senator, he headed the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Food. During his term, he focused on his advocacy of uplifting the lives of the farmers by focusing on modernizing the agriculture sector.

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Dealing with Criminal (In)Justice in the Philippines

crime photoThe Philippine National Police is optimizing the use of technology in Crime Prevention and Crime Solution by launching the Bantay Krimen Mobile App at National Headquarters, Camp Crame. Photo from the Philippine National Police website.

Central American countries have a term for repressive policing strategies on crime: “Mano Dura” (Iron Fist). The tough rhetoric on crime policy in a region marked by high homicide rates and gang violence has propelled candidates into the presidencies of Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. Perhaps we are heading in that direction too.

In the other side of the Pacific Ocean, the Duterte-Cayetano tandem has brought the crime problem front and center in the 2016 national elections. Their law and order platform aims to eliminate criminality within three to six months. Presidential debates have talked about the reintroduction of death penalty and the power of the police to ‘shoot to kill’ criminals who resist enforcement officers.

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