Could a 'Ferdinand Marcos' be the next Philippine president? | Inside Story

Could a 'Ferdinand Marcos' be the next Philippine president? Watch Al Jazeera's Inside Story about the latest developments on the Philippine elections featuring Prof. Danilo Arao from the UP Diliman Department of Journalism.

Analysts: Comelec risks integrity after Marcos ruling

Comelec risks losing its credibility after a delayed ruling allowing the son and namesake of the late dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos to run for president this year, according to political experts. For Prof. Maria Ela Atienza, “the task of Comelec now is to make sure that it can settle internal issues, work swiftly, diligently and fairly, because the campaign period is in full swing and the elections are approaching.”

Should You Vote for Who Your Church Leader Endorses?

Candidate endorsements from religious groups have become a staple in Philippine politics. However, its promise of election victory is not always guaranteed, according to political analysts. Prof. Maria Ela Atienza and Assoc. Prof. Rogelio Alicor Panao expressed that while there is nothing wrong with religious groups supporting candidates, voters should not cast their votes based on these endorsements alone.

Filipinos start taking the money as campaign period begins amid a pandemic

Why do vote buying and vote selling persist despite being illegal? According to Prof. Maria Ela Atienza, these practices remain rampant because of poverty. Read the full article featuring Prof. Atienza's insights here.

Will Duterte’s endorsement make or break his chosen presidential candidate?

Will Duterte’s endorsement make or break his chosen presidential candidate? For Assoc. Prof. Rogelio Alicor Panao, Duterte's endorsement may be considered a "kiss of death" and may bring more harm than good to his chosen candidate due to this administration's "divisive policies".

Manila chief mixes good looks, record to entice voters

According to Prof. Maria Ela Atienza and Prof. Herman Joseph Kraft, Manila Mayor Isko Moreno's appeal comes from being a former actor and his work in the city.

Where to fight the ‘ABS-CBN 70’? In Quezon City

How can the public exact accountability from the 70 congressmen who rejected the ABS-CBN's franchise? According to Assoc. Prof. Jean Encinas-Franco, any campaign to hold the congressmen accountable must highlight the people who lost their jobs. Read the entire opinion piece from Rappler featuring views from Assoc. Prof. Encinas-Franco.

Bets should focus on platforms, issues – analysts

Political scientists, including Assoc. Prof. Jean Encinas-Franco, urged the presidential candidates to focus on platforms and issues rather than fanfare during their campaign. According to her, a lot of voters still yearn for intelligent discourse and not shallow entertainment on the campaign stage, something that candidates should take advantage of.

On The Spot | TeleRadyo (10 February 2022)

Nadadala nga ba ang pagdedesisyon ng mga Pilipinong botante sa pag-eendorso ng mga celebrities sa mga kumakandidato ngayong halalan? Pakinggan ang panayam kay Assoc. Prof. Perlita Frago-Marasigan sa On The Spot ng DZMM TeleRadyo.

Lacson launches presidential campaign in hometown Imus, Cavite

In this latest interview, Prof. Maria Ela L. Atienza shares her insights on Panfilo Lacson's track record as a public official and his chances of winning as a presidential aspirant.

The 2022 poll campaign: Promises, common candidates

According to Prof. Maria Ela Atienza, proclamation rallies are essential since they “set the tone of the campaign” which will last until May 7. In this interview with, she dissects the campaign messages delivered by the presidential candidates in their respective proclamation rallies. Furthermore, she adds that senatorial candidates who are being endorsed by several coalitions reflect the lack of laws preventing turncoatism and the dominance of personalities over programs and ideologies.

On The Spot | Teleradyo (9 February 2022)

Professor Maria Ela Atienza discusses the latest developments on the Philippine campaign period at DZMM TeleRadyo's On The Spot.

SRO | TeleRadyo (8 February 2022)

Nasunod nga ba ang mga panuntunan ng COMELEC sa pagbukas ng official campaign period at sa mga naganap na proclamation rallies? Panuorin ang buong panayam kasama si Kw. Prop. Rogelio Alicor Panao sa SRO ng DZMM TeleRadyo.

Nepotism: The complex, distasteful act of naming relatives to gov’t posts

On the topic of nepotism, Prof. Maria Ela Atienza stated that “legal or not,” an individual seeking the presidency should not consider naming a relative to government posts.

Robredo is biggest disinformation victim; Marcos gains from ‘misleading’ posts — fact-checker

According to the preliminary findings of, an academe-based fact-checking initiative, VP Leni Robredo is the “biggest victim” of disinformation while Bongbong Marcos serves as the beneficiary of positive but misleading posts on social media. Read the full article featuring views from Assoc. Prof. Yvonne Chua of the UP Diliman Department of Journalism.

Boost cyber-security before May elections, government advised

Technology has a vital role for this upcoming Philippine national election 2022. Assoc. Prof. Dennis V. Blanco and Prof. Maria Ela Atienza share their opinion together with other experts.

The 2022 Philippine election: a poll over democracy

Asst. Prof. Sol Iglesias shares her observation on that status of democracy of the Philippines under Duterte regime and upcoming Philippine national election 2022.

Bongbong declines another invitation to presidential forum

What are the implications of Bongbong Marcos’ decision to not participate in a major presidential forum? Prof. Maria Ela Atienza and Assoc. Prof. Jean Encinas-Franco share their insights on the matter.

Disqualification: The lingering shadow over Marcos Jr's bid to rule PH

For election experts, the shadow of doubt on Bongbong Marcos' presidential candidacy is unlikely to disappear soon. Prof. Maria Ela Atienza shares her insights in this latest interview with the

Endorsement by progressive coalition seen to boost Robredo’s candidacy

According to experts, the Makabayan coalition’s commitment to support Robredo and her running mate Pangilinan is “a big boost” given its wide network and active organizing in communities. Assoc. Prof. Jean Encinas-Franco and Prof. Maria Ela Atienza share their analyses on this matter.

Comelec told to probe interference charge to keep public trust

The integrity of the presidential elections this year is at stake, especially with the allegations of interference at the COMELEC. Prof. Maria Ela Atienza shares her insights in the BusinessWorld's latest report.

Leni mansplained? Abunda ‘interruptions’ stir own buzz

Many have criticized Boy Abunda for interrupting Leni Robredo during the presidential interview, saying that he was 'mansplaining'. However, for Assoc. Prof. Jean Encinas-Franco, it shows otherwise.

Open-pit mining environment impact seen outweighing economic benefits

According to Prof. Ruth Lusterio-Rico, while the return of open-pit mining promises a boost to the economy, it can possibly be at the expense of the degradation of the environment and living conditions for residents near the mines.

Like his father, Marcos plans to export Filipino workers

Presidential aspirant Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr is looking to copy the labor export policy of his father during the martial law dictatorship. Assoc. Prof. Jean Encinas-Franco explains the negative impacts of such policy here.

Will Leni Robredo's critical remarks against her opponents be good or bad for her campaign?

Others said that presidential candidate Leni Robredo's remarks may harm her image, but for Assoc. Prof. Jean Encinas-Franco, it might have been Robredo’s attempt to dismiss past criticisms about her supposed inferiority as a leader.

Leni and Sara: Last Men Standing are Women?

While Leni Robredo and Sara Duterte are running for the country's top political positions, their candidacies illustrate the complex journey of women in Philippine politics. For Assoc. Prof. Jean Encinas-Franco, it reflects how the country has yet to progress in achieving gender equality in leadership.

Presidential candidates harness TikTok during Philippine ‘silly season’

Professor Maria Ela Atienza cautions on the role of social media in the upcoming elections, noting that candidates should focus on political campaigns that bare their political and economic reforms in their social media engagements.

Analyst: Harry Roque may forge Marcos-Duterte supporters | ANC

ANC's After The Fact discusses with Prof. Aries Arugay whether or not voters really care about a senatorial candidate's affiliation, as far as ticket is concerned.

Giit ng eksperto, malaking kawalan kay BBM ang hindi pagpayag sa interviews

According to Assoc. Prof. Jean Encinas-Franco, Bongbong Marcos' abhorrent opinion against appearing in Jessica Soho's presidential interview dealt a blow to his campaign.

Analysts praise Robredo, Lacson TV performance

Only two of four Philippine presidential candidates, who spoke on national television last weekend, presented details of their action plan. According to Prof. Maria Ela Atienza and Assoc. Prof. Jean Encinas-Franco, they are Vice-President Maria Leonor “Leni” G. Robredo and Senator Panfilo “Ping” M. Lacson.

On Bongbong Marcos’ absence from the Jessica Soho presidential interviews

"There have been many claims through the years that the Marcoses have been shut out and have not been given the chance to share their side of the story. Bongbong Marcos’ refusal to participate last night dispels those claims."

Ano ang trabaho ng vice president? | NXT

What roles and responsibilities of the vice president must voters take into consideration? Assoc. Prof. Alicor Panao shares his expertise on the matter.

Plot Twists Leave Duterte Without Anointed Successor, What's Next?

President Rodrigo Duterte still keeps his foes guessing on his next move of endorsing any successor for Malacañang. Prof. Maria Ela Atienza and Prof. Alicor Panao say that he should not.

Reopening COC filing: No-el, desperation or both?

The petition to reopen the filing of certificates of candidacy (COC) filed by the PDP-Laban Cusi faction reflects the failures of what could have been a dominant and relevant political party. Prof. Maria Ela Atienza shares her insights in this latest article from

Under Omicron Shadow, Philippines' Future President Must Rethink Campaign

For Assoc. Prof. Alicor Panao, there is a need for 2022 presidential candidates to rethink their campaign strategies in the midst of the Omicron variant.

#NasaanAngPangulo: Should Politicians be in Ground Zero of Disasters?

Why is it important for some Filipinos to see their politicians in action in the aftermath of calamities? Prof. Maria Ela Atienza shares her own thoughts on the #NasaanAngPangulo trend.

After the Fact | ANC (28 October 2021)

What do voters look for in a presidential candidate, and what must they keep in mind in making this decision?

Should presidential bets woo Duterte for endorsement?

Watch the entire ABS-CBN News segment featuring insights from Professor Aries Arugay here.

PaTalk 2022 Election Special: BAKIT BINOBOTO NG MGA PILIPINO ANG SIKAT | October 11, 2021

Why are celebrities running for positions in the government, and why do Filipinos vote for them? Assoc. Prof. Jean Encinas Franco shares her insights.


Social media seems to be the new battlefield and the new normal for Halalan 2022 political campaigning. However, will the voting public fall prey to fabricated propaganda? Prof. Aries Arugay shares his thoughts on the matter.

A Game of Musical Thrones: Candidate Substitutions and Withdrawals in the 2022 Philippine Elections

With candidate substitution and withdrawals becoming a new norm in electoral politics, what does this mean for the Philippine democracy?

PHL’s foreign policy, national security plan lack long-term vision

The Philippines' foreign policy has been bogged down by political partisanship and the failure of administrations to involve non-government sectors. Read Asst. Prof. Maria Thaemar C. Tana's take on the matter.

Next admin urged to ensure rights in West PH Sea while avoiding conflict

Analysts, including UP Political Science Department Chair and Prof. Herman Kraft, urge the next administration to ensure our territorial rights in the West Philippine Sea while avoiding conflict.

Sexism in the 2022 Philippine Elections: A Problem with No Name

Sara Duterte and Leni Robredo may be running under different tickets, but they both share the same experience of navigating politics largely defined in masculine terms. Check out Assoc. Prof. Jean Encinas-Franco's latest piece on ISEAS' Fulcrum where she unpacks sexism in the upcoming 2022 national elections.

Top campaign ad spenders

Campaign season has not officially begun yet, but some candidates have already been shelling out hundreds of millions of pesos on advertisements. Prof. Dennis Blanco adds his own insights to this discussion.

Charter Change? Hindi Na Bago 'Yan! With Ela Atienza

PODKAS discusses with Prof. Maria Ela Atienza the various reasons why the previous and current administrations have failed to reform the constitution.

Isahan with Jake Maderazo | Dec. 01, 2021 | Guest: Asst. Prof. Enrico Gloria

Join Asst. Prof. Enrico Gloria as he talks about the West Philippine Sea issue and the 2022 Philippine elections at Radyo Pilipino.

The Philippines' presidential election heats up with boxer Manny Pacquiao and the former dictator's son among 5 surprising candidates duking it out for control

Who are the top five candidates for the 2022 Presidential Elections, and what does it mean for the nation watching? Read the full article from the Business Insider, featuring the insights of Prof. Maria Ela Atienza and Prof. Jorge Tigno.

The Philippines election: dynasties, drama and intrigue | Start Here

Al Jazeera's Start Here episode focuses on the intriguing mix of dynasties and drama in the upcoming 2022 Philippine Elections. Assoc. Prof. Jean Encinas Franco also shares her insights in the episode.

Who will President Duterte endorse as successor?

With Senator Bong Go withdrawing from the presidential race, will President Rodrigo Duterte’s endorsement of another aspirant translate to votes come may 2022? Assoc. Prof. Dennis Blanco presents the possible scenarios in an interview with CNN Philippines.

Duterte’s chosen successor exits Philippines presidential race

“From the very start he [Bong Go] has launched a lukewarm campaign and it’s very obvious that he was just thrust into that job by President Duterte,” said Assoc. Prof. Jean Encinas Franco on Go's withdrawal.

A Duterte Family Drama Is Overshadowing the Philippines Presidential Election

Professor Aries Arugay writes about how the Duterte family drama took the center stage in the Philippine electoral scene. Read the full article published in the World Politics Review.

DOWNPLAYED | Duterte’s tirades distract public from real issues against Marcos, says analyst

According to Assoc. Prof. Jean Encinas Franco, President Rodrigo Duterte’s recent outbursts against former senator Bongbong Marcos Jr. downplayed the major issues confronting the son of the late dictator ahead of the 2022 election.

Political clans form coalition to support Bongbong-Sara tandem

Which political families make up the "unholy" alliance in support of the Bongbong-Sara tandem?

Pres. Duterte showing he is not interested to form alliance with Marcos Jr.’s camp

Assoc. Prof. Jean Encinas Franco tells #TheBigStory the possible implications to Pres. Rodrigo Duterte’s recent pronouncements, saying the president is showing that he is not interested in being allies with the camp of presidential aspirant Bongbong Marcos.

Political dynasties dominate 2022 PHL elections

What lies behind the alliances among political families in the 2022 elections?

The children of 2 different Philippine leaders have joined forces ahead of election

Listen to NPR's podcast on the political tie-up between two of the country's highest profile dynasties — the Marcos and Duterte's — in the upcoming elections, featuring insights from Prof. Aries Arugay.

Philippine presidential election: “All in the family”

Will the absence of a single ticket be a problem for Bongbong Marcos and Sara Duterte?

Headstart | ANC (17 November 2021)

According to Prof. Aries Arugay, the emerging "dynasty cartel" between the Marcoses and the Dutertes is another level of Philippine dynastic politics.

A Dictator’s Son and Duterte’s Daughter Team Up in a Bid To Rule the Philippines

A team-up between a dictator’s son and Duterte’s Daughter—what does it say about the country's democracy?

Halalan 2022’s substitution 'circus' over: What went down?

What went down during Halalan 2022's substitution 'circus'? Read the full article from ABS-CBN News featuring insights from Assoc. Prof. Jean Encinas Franco

Dictator’s Son Says Daughter of Duterte Will Back Him in Philippine Election

What kind of governance would a BBM-Sara victory bring? Read the full article from the New York TImes featuring insights from Prof. Herman Kraft.

The 2022 Philippine Elections: Like Father, like Daughter-te

Professor Aries Arugay's latest analysis on the dynastic alliance between the Dutertes-Marcos-Arroyos and the prospects of the opposition.

The Future of Duterte’s Pivot to China: A Non-Defeatist Approach

Filipinos should also consider our China policy in choosing their preferred candidates. Asst. Prof. Enrico Gloria writes on the future of Duterte's China pivot and the future of PH foreign policy.

Top Story | ANC (13 November 2021)

Watch the interview with Assoc. Prof. Jean Encinas Franco on Sara Duterte's filing of certificate of candidacy for Vice President.

Politics As Usual (November 16 2021)

Catch Prof. Maria Ela L. Atienza in CNN’s Politics as Usual.

DWWW 774 Interview (November 15 2021)

Matapos ang mga kabi-kabilaang palitan ng kandidato nitong nagdaang mga araw, ating alamin kung tunay nga bang naaabuso o napaglalaruan ang substitution rule ng mga kandidato. Meron nga bang hindi magandang senyales ang ipinakikita nito sa ating pulitika? Ating balikan ang paglilinaw ni Assoc. Prof. Dennis Blanco.

Will Solid North Vote with Solid South? Bongbong and Sara Test Marcos Playbook

Will the north-south bailiwick strategy work for the BBM-Sara tandem? Read the full article from Reportr featuring insights from Prof. Maria Ela Atienza.

A Duterte Dynasty in the Philippines?

A Duterte Dynasty in the Philippines? Read the full interview with Prof. Aries Arugay.


Eeksena nga ba ang tambalang Bongbong-Sara tandem sa nagaganap na "Duterte Drama"? Pakinggan ang buong panayam kasama si Prop. Herman Joseph Kraft.

Duterte daughter quits Davao mayoralty race

What are the implications of Sara Duterte's withdrawal from the mayoralty race?

TED FAILON DJ CHA CHA SA RADYO5 | November 11, 2021

Ano ang implikasyon ng pag-atras ng kandidatura bilang mayora ni Sara Duterte? Pakinggan ang buong panayam kasama si Prop. Aries Arugay.

The Philippines after Duterte: The End of Impunity?

What are the implications of the ICC investigation on the 2022 Philippine Elections?

'Do I Look Like a Mockery to You?': Candidate Substitution, Explained

The substitution strategy can either work or backfire.

Robredo plays the long game for 2022

Professor Aries Arugay and Assoc. Prof. Jean Encinas Franco break down the latest developments in Leni Robredo's presidential campaign.

Absurd campaigning will turn off voters

How will absurd campaigning affect voters' perception?

Social media will not replace traditional campaign methods — political analysts

What are the challenges and opportunities in the 2022 Philippine Elections?

Substitution now getting old as a political strategy, analysts say

Analysts say that substitution is getting old as a political strategy.

In a first, the Nobel Peace Prize went to a Filipina. Her government isn’t happy.

How will Maria Ressa's Peace Prize victory impact PH politics and next year's elections?

Politics As Usual - October 12, 2021 (Tuesday)

What are the possible scenarios approaching the deadline for substitution on November 15? Watch the interview with Prof. Temario Rivera, retired UP Professor of political science, from CNN Philippines' Politics As Usual.

Market Edge | ANC (8 October 2021)

What are the political and economic implications of the Philippine 2022 elections? Watch Prof. Herman Kraft's interview from ANC's Market Edge.

Philippine Presidential Hopefuls Launch Campaign to Replace Duterte

Assoc. Prof. Jean Encinas Franco shares her insights on VP Robredo's candidacy, and what this move represents.

Youths endure long lines, long hours: That’s being part of change

Associate Professor Alicor Panao shares his take on the extension of voter registration in this featured article.

Robredo needs wider support to win next year, analysts say

Check out this article which features Assoc. Prof. Jean Encinas Franco's insights on Leni Robredo's candidacy.

Time to scrap 'deceptive' substitution scheme for aspiring candidates – analysts

Substitution as strategy: "The fact that we have that (substitution) creates so much uncertainty. How can you even begin to ask about platforms if they don't know who's running for which position?" according to Associate Professor Jean Encinas-Franco.

Will it be a Leni-Bongbong fight again in 2022?

Associate Professor Jean Encinas Franco's take on the candidacies of Bongbong Marcos and Leni Robredo, as featured in PhilSTAR Life.

In 'Squid Game' as in the Presidency of the Philippines, Majority is Power

Squid Game and Philippine Elections by Associate Professor Alicor Panao: “When the number of candidates increases to three or more, elections purportedly become susceptible to strategic manipulation and no longer become fair."

Manny Pacquiao faces his biggest fight yet as anti-LGBT, pro-execution boxer runs for Philippines presidency

On Senator Manny Pacquiao's presidential bid, with comments from Associate Professor Jean Encinas-Franco.

On The Spot | TeleRadyo (9 September 2021)

Watch the interviews of Dr. Aries Arugay on the Sotto-Lacson Tandem (25:30) and Dr. Perlita Frago-Marasigan on the initial proclamation of the Go candidacy in the Cusi wing of the PDP-Laban (1:10:22) at TeleRadyo's On The Spot.

‘I’m quitting politics’, says Rodrigo Duterte – for a second time

Associate Professor Jean Encinas-Franco's insights on President Duterte's announcement of his retirement from politics.