SINOtoriables 2019

62 candidates. 60+ million voters. 12 seats. 6-year terms. A nation's future at stake. Who’s up for the challenge and do they have what it takes?

SINOtoriables is an online bi-weekly feature by the UP Political Society, in partnership with UP Department of Political Science and UP sa Halalan 2019, that shall attempt to provide a brief backgrounder on the 2019 Senatorial Candidates. The campaign shall feature each candidate’s experiences, positions, and programs in the aim of fostering political awareness and critical voting among the electorate.

Disclaimer: The "SINOtoriables" series is strictly an information dissemination campaign. UP Political Society, UPD Department of Political Science, and UP sa Halalan 2019 do not endorse any senatorial candidate for the 2019 elections.