MNLF not giving up hope on shift to federalism

“We need some time to see if the statement would translate into actual policies. We know that he says one thing and does another. What this means is that he might again change his mind when [Mr.] Misuari or the MNLF-Misuari faction would react negatively to that statement,” said Asst. Prof. Dennis Quilala.

Stand for Truth: Gaano kahalaga ang isang house speaker?

Speakers get elected, not only because they are close to the president but also, because of personal alliances,” said Dr. Maria Ela Atienza.


Bong Go: President Duterte’s eyes and ears in the Senate

Political analysts Jean Franco and Gene Pilapil from the University of the Philippines said there would be easier communication between the two branches.

“Now because Bong Go has a strong solid relationship with the President, people there might refer to him when they want something to reach the President and when they want to know what the President wants,” Dr. Jean Encinas-Franco said.

Almost victory: Doc Willie Ong’s OFW votes, social media support

For overseas voters, family health is an “important issue,” Dr. Jean Encinas-Franco said. Once their family member is sick and is asking for money, she pointed out, they would be concerned about sending remittances. In this way, “he resonated with them, so [this] translated to votes,” she also said.

Analysts: Duterte’s health a lesson for next gov’t

“I think it is important to be honest with the people about the health condition…of the President. At least, people will not speculate when they know what is the actual situation,” said Dr. Maria Ela Atienza

“Strategy has always been to evade the issue or to spin a story,” argued Dr. Perlita Frago-Marasigan. “Since the position is an office that emanates from trust, it should start from there,” she added.

Isko Moreno: From the slums of Tondo to Manila’s throne

According to University of the Philippines-Diliman Department of Political Science chair Maria Ela Atienza, Moreno’s chances of winning were boosted by delivering his promises personally, by going down to the ground.

“People expect more face-to-face interactions, people expect more personal relations with local politicians. After all, the local politicians are usually in charge of the day-to-day functions of governance,” said Atienza, who specializes in the study of Philippine local politics.

The iron hand gets a steel glove: midterm polls boost Philippines’ Duterte

“Some politicians might already be looking for political space that might affect their decisions and relationship with Duterte,” said Dr. Jean Encinas-Franco.

“Politicians would tend to abide by the status quo rather than have a different system by 2022,” she added.

DZRH News: Dr. Maria Ela Atienza

"Sa senado, ang aabangan natin ay mga allies ng administrayon at babalik ang diskusyon sa mga nabinbin na bills katulad ng pagbabago ng ating constitution at federalismo, pati na rin ang TRAIN," said Dr. Maria Ela Atienza.

Pamumuno ng nasa 30 political clan, naputol ngayong Eleksyon 2019

“May mga pagkakataon na mayroon talagang challenger na nagpe-present ng mga alternatives at baka hindi na naging epektibo talaga sa botante ang mga pamumuno ng political clans,” said Dr. Maria Ela Atienza.

“Hindi natatapos sa pagboto ang responsibilidad ng mamamayan. Kailangan bantayan nila,” Dr. Atienza added.

Backdoor to power: Rise of Duterte-allied party-list seen to boost admin's hold

Political analyst Ranjit Rye of the University of the Philippines said there is nothing new with the rise of an administration-backed party-list group.

2019 batch of senators a vision of 'continuity' rather than change: analyst

"First comment on the images we saw on TV was it's striking because the images are that of continuity more than change. We have a batch of senators, many of them are re-electionists," UP political science professor Ranjit Rye told ANC.

Outnumbered, outspent, outmaneuvered: What happened to Otso Diretso?

“Hindi naging united yung opposition dito,” Dr. Aries Arugay said.

He also said if only the opposition—pertaining also to non-Liberal Party group like Labor Win and Makabayan—was united, winning could have been possible.

Supporter ni Duterte, nangunguna sa mga nanalong party-list

"It [party-list] really has to be either abolished or amended so that it serves the purpose it should serve," ani Dr. Jean Encinas-Franco.

"Na-hijack na siya ng traditional politicians and political dynasties," dagdag ni Franco.

Lito Lapid, ex-’Ang Probinsyano’ star, is proclaimed senator

Lapid's role in the primetime series was a "Robin Hood-type" that made him "very relatable" to voters, said Dr. Jean Encinas-Franco.

"It's really celebrity politics. Name recall is very friendly to the manner in which we vote our senators. It's really a popularity contest." she added.

DZRH News: Dr. Maria Ela Atienza

Dr. Maria Ela Atienza on presidential popularity, social media, and courses and programs offered at the University of the Philippines Diliman

Philippine mid-terms: Duterte consolidates grip on power

“An automatic green light is not guaranteed however,” said Dr. Aries Arugay.

"Some of the senators are aligned to Duterte only because of his overwhelming popularity at the moment," he said. Should the mood swing against him, some senators could drop their support.

News To Go: Dr. Aries Arugay

Dr. Aries Arugay on the proclamation of newly elected senators

26 pasok sa narco list, wagi sa halalan

“Sadyang dikit ang mga pinoy sa kulturang pagtanaw ng utang na loob sa mga politikong tumulong sa kanila,” said Dr. Jean Encinas-Franco

Analysts: Comelec violated the automation law

“It is gross inefficiency if we are to be rather kind and benign with Comelec or worse, there might be deliberate attempt to sabotage and manipulate the elections,” Dr. Temario Rivera said.

DZUP Balita: Dr. Maria Ela Atienza

Ating palalimin ang usapin hinggil sa 2019 midterm elections at ang politika sa bansa, kasama si Chair at UP sa Halalan Project Head, Dr. Maria Ela Atienza.

Midterm polls bare campaign lessons

“One needs to campaign using different fronts. Social media can reach certain types of people, e.g. young people, professionals and OFWs (overseas Filipino workers). However, a candidate really has to go out and interact with different sectors,” Dr. Maria Ela Atienza said.

“In the Philippines, because electoral and party system laws do not encourage program-based political parties and campaigns, elections remain very expensive and personality-based,” she added.

DWIZ’s SAPOL: Dr. Jean Encinas-Franco

“Malakas pa rin ang approval ratings ng presidente at kulang ang logistics at resources ng Otso Diretso,” said Dr. Jean Encinas-Franco.

DZRH’s Pimentel Hour: Dr. Jean Encinas-Franco

Dr. Jean Encinas-Franco, with former Sen. Nene Pimentel and Cesar Chavez, on changes and continuities in the results of the 2019 elections

'Political family' sa pinakamahihirap na lugar sa bansa, nanaig pa rin

“Hindi lang naman sa lahat ng instance pera ito. Maaring trabaho, trabaho sa munisipyo, rekomendasyon sa ibang trabaho,” said Dr. Jean Encinas-Franco.

“It’s also difficult in a place where people are very poor to find very strong alternative candidates,” added Dr. Maria Ela Atienza.

Tumatakbong kongresista sa Quezon City, tinambangan!

“‘Yung mga tinatawag nating election-related violence, ito ‘yung mga uri ng violence na kung saan ang gusto ng mga gumagawa ay maapektuhan ang resulta ng eleksyon. Puwede itong sa pamamagitan ng physical o pananakit tulad ng assassination, kasama na rin ang kidnapping. Puwede ring threat or intimidation kung saan tinatakot ang ilang grupo at ang resulta ng pananakot ay magiging paborable doon sa nananakit o kaya nananakot,” said Dr. Maria Ela Atienza.

Kaso ng election-related violence sa bansa, bakit dumarami?

“Mahal ang eleksyon sa Pilipinas kaya mahal ang taya ng mga kandidato. Kaya para sa kanila parang life and death na rin ang trato nila sa politika,” argued Dr. Maria Ela Atienza.

“Sa Local Government Code, dumami rin ang responsibilidad at pera ng ating mga local government officials. Isa ring attraction ‘yan kaya nagiging expensive ang eleksyon sa atin. Mahina ang mga political parties sa atin kaya ang tinitignan ng mga tao ay personality at hindi mga programa,” Dr. Maria Ela Atienza added.

24 Oras: Dr. Aries Arugay

“Hindi enough na mag-rely sa balwarte. Kailangan you give attention to places that you are strong and you cannot take that place for granted,” said Dr. Aries Arugay.

The rise of Cynthia Villar: How politics, money, networks made her No. 1

“You have 6 years in office, you have an office budget that you can use to promote your advocacy or to promote your name all over the country. Plus whatever the Senate does, the media also cover that. It also helps reelectionists,” Dr. Jean Encinas-Franco told Rappler.

“It’s good to raise the private aspect of this….How the subdivisions, which may be strategically placed, up to what extent could they affect the performance in elections?” Asst. Prof. Gene Pilapil said.

‘Political calculations,’ Duterte popularity seen to determine senate independence

Dr. Aries Arugay said the upcoming Senate composition is more likely to support the shift to federalism, but this would ultimately depend on the individual interests of senators come voting time.

“Some of those who won are considered loyalists of the President. However, most of those who won are traditional and popular politicians who also are just allies of the President, not personally loyal to him,” Dr. Maria Ela Atienza said.

State of the Nation: Dr. Aries Arugay

“Hindi batayan sa magiging resulta ng eleksyon ang botohan sa balwarte ng kandidato,” said Dr. Aries Arugay.

Bandila: Dr. Maria Ela Atienza and Dr. Temario Rivera

“Nagkaroon ng mga panibagong pamamaraan itong mga malalakas at mayayaman na pamilya sa atin para lalong i-control ang politika natin,” said Dr. Temario Rivera.

“May mga ready supporters sila at mga resources. Lamang sila sa mga pangangampanya. Puwedeng mabawasan ang boses na mas vocal sa kanilang oposisyon at pagdadala ng mga alternatibong pahayag,” Dr. Maria Ela Atienza added.

ANC: Dr. Maria Ela Atienza and Dr. Temario Rivera

Dr. Maria Ela Atienza and Dr. Temario Rivera on party-lists, admin bets, and political dynasties

1 million overvotes recorded in midterm Senate race: data

"What the Comelec can control is the public information campaign by informing the people they only have to vote [for] 12 candidates, they may not fill up the entire slate but they should not overvote," Dr. Jean Encinas-Franco said.

What went wrong with Otso Diresto?

“They did not launch a campaign that can surpass [the] President’s popularity. They were criticizing the President but he [was] not [on] the ballot, and they were just speaking to their base,” said professor Jean Encinas-Franco of the University of the Philippines’ political science department.

Filipinas: Rodrigo Duterte asegura la victoria en las elecciones de medio término

“The results at the national (senatorial) and local elections are generally expected with a very popular president endorsing allies and some loyal followers in a well-funded campaign but still not good for a country that is still in the process of democratizing. Many of the candidates endorsed by the President in his loose coalition of traditional politicians and some newcomers won,” Dr. Maria Ela Atienza argued.

State of the Nation: Dr. Aries Arugay

“Ang importante dito ay tanungin sino ang pinalit. Sila ba ay parte rin ng dinastiya? Ito ba ay labanan lamang ng mga dinastiya? Luma versus bago?” Dr. Aries Arugay said.

State of the Nation: Asst. Prof. Ranjit Rye

Asst. Prof. Ranjit Rye on the effect of the president’s high trust rating on the results of the 2019 elections

News To Go: Dr. Jean Encinas-Franco

“Mayroong continuity at change base sa latest election results,” Dr. Jean Encinas-Franco said. She added, “Hindi ako nasorpresa na walang nakapasok mula sa oposisyon dahil hindi sila unified enough.”

Brigada: Dr. Maria Ela Atienza

Dr. Maria Ela Atienza on election-related violence

BBC: Asst. Prof. Jan Robert Go

Jan Robert R. Go (吴安平), Assistant Professor at the University of the Philippines Department of Political Science, emphasized that the China issue does not directly affect the elections. He said that voters still decide based on social and economic considerations (livelihood, services, etc.).

Bandila: Dr. Jean Encinas-Franco

Dr. Jean Encinas-Franco on political dynasties in the 2019 elections

PDP-Laban sweeps one-on-one local races

In an earlier interview with Rappler, Ela Atienza, chairperson of the University of the Philippines Political Science Department, said local politicians who aligned themselves with PDP-Laban enjoyed advantages such as access to the national party’s vast resources and satisfaction associated with the President’s high popularity ratings.

DZMM Teleradyo: Dr. Jean Encinas-Franco

Dr. Jean Encinas-Franco on political dynasties in the 2019 elections


DZMM Teleradyo: Asst. Prof. Ranjit Rye

Asst. Prof. Ranjit Rye on the partial and unofficial results of the 2019 elections

DZMM: Asst. Prof. Ranjit Rye on Harapan 2019

Ricky Rosales returns with political scientists Ranjit Rye and Christina Montiel to analyze the face-off of 8 senatorial candidates in the second round of Harapan 2019: The ABS-CBN Senatorial Town Hall Debate.

One News PH: Asst. Prof. Ranjit Rye

Political analyst Ranjit Rye weighs in and says the President's daughter is not decided as of yet and that the administration's legislative agenda should be noted in the next elections.


One News PH: Asst. Prof. Ranjit Rye

Ranjit Rye, political analyst from the University of the Philippines, expresses his hopes for the country's youth despite the same patterns and cycles in Philippine politics, adding that Filipinos are getting better when it comes to voting. On the other hand he, together with political analyst Dindo Manhit, says that the youth vote looks exactly the same with everyone else's according to the SWS survey.


GMA News: Asst. Prof. Dennis Quilala

Asst. Prof. Dennis Quilala on the partial and unofficial results of the 2019 elections

Bandila: Dr. Jean Encinas-Franco

Dr. Jean Encinas-Franco on Bandila's Halalan 2019 coverage

DZMM Teleradyo: Dr. Aries Arugay

Dr. Aries Arugay on the partial and unofficial results of the 2019 midterm elections

‘Immature’ political party system allows candidacy of pols with poor credentials - UP prof

"Wala talaga tayong tinatawag na matured political parties... Kung ina-allow sila ng sistema, halimbawa artista ka, tapos napakadali mong lumipat sa kung anu-anong partido, talagang magiging kandidato siya," said Dr. Jean Encinas-Franco.

Millennials, Gen Z could be game changers in midterm polls, says analyst

"Kung mataas ang turnout ngayon ng kabataan, baka may magbago doon sa turnout ng elections natin," Ela Atienza, chairperson of the Department of Political Science of the University of the Philippines, said in an interview on GMA's "Eleksyon 2019" coverage.

GMA News TV: Dr. Maria Ela Atienza (Part 2)

Dr. Maria Ela Atienza on #Eleksyon2019: The GMA News and Public Affairs Special Coverage

GMA News TV: Dr. Maria Ela Atienza (Part 1)

Dr. Maria Ela Atienza on #Eleksyon2019: The GMA News and Public Affairs Special Coverage

TV 5: Assoc. Prof. Herman Kraft

Assoc. Prof. Herman Kraft on News5's 28 hour special coverage of the midterm elections

CNN Philippines: Dr. Jean Encinas-Franco

Dr. Jean Encinas-Franco on CNN Philippines' The Filipino Votes: Assessment of the 2019 elections

DZMM Teleradyo: Dr. Maria Ela Atienza

Dr. Maria Ela Atienza on the Halalan 2019 coverage of DZMM Teleradyo

CNN Philippines: Assoc. Prof. Herman Kraft

Assoc. Prof. Herman Kraft on the challenges in the 2019 midterm elections

The Philippines’ Midterm Election Will Test Duterte’s Presidency

It’s likely Duterte’s opponents will be almost completely shut out in the Senate race, said University of the Philippines political science professor Aries Arugay. “This reflects his ability to control an electoral contest," Arugay said. "You still have a very formidable incumbent administration.”

Which provinces have the most gubernatorial, congressional candidates?

For University of the Philippines political science department chair Ela Atienza, there may be more candidates in areas where local politics is more competitive.

'Widow candidate' tradition in Philippines' deadly polls

“It works especially in the Philippine context because widowhood has symbolic elements that are very much valued in politics,” said University of the Philippines political science professor Jean Franco.

In local elections, one-on-one races to test PDP-Laban’s dominance

“Politics in the Philippines – due mostly to the constitutional framework, electoral and party system laws and culture – exhibit weakness of political parties and party loyalty or discipline,” Atienza said.

Admin bets inaasahang mangunguna sa senatorial race: eksperto

Dr. Maria Ela Atienza on name recall and presidential endorsement

"Kung numbers ang pagbabatayan natin at kung sino ang kinakampanya ng pangulo, baka mawala ang sinasabi nating independent oversight function ng Senado."

Missing in the 2019 election campaign discourse: protection of the environment

“In a country like the Philippines, the environment issue is, more than anything else, an equity issue, according to the analysis made by Ruth Lusterio-Rico of UP sa Halalan 2019."

State of the Nation with Jessica Soho

Dr. Maria Ela Atienza on weighing candidates’ platform vs. personality in the elections

UP sa Halalan 2019: Giving context to the elections

Dr. Maria Ela Atienza, Dr. Jean Encinas Franco, and Herby Esmeralda (Research Assistant) shared their insights on the project and its aspirations for the upcoming 2019 local and national elections in this short video produced by UP System Media and Public Relations Office.

UP in the elections: University election initiatives for the 2019 midterm polls

An initiative which traces its roots to the UP sa Halalan project by the university’s Office of the Vice President for Public Affairs in the 2013 and 2016 elections, the project aims to provide the public with viewpoints from experts in political science, governance, the electoral process and other issues confronting the electorate.

BroadKasaysayan sa DZUP

An election survey is an academic research exercise na naglalayong alamin ang sentimyento ng mga tao at a specific point in time. Maaari rin itong gamitin na pang-check ng integrity ng election.

DZUP Balita

Dr. Maria Ela Atienza on elections, democracy, and voters’ rights and responsibilities in the upcoming 2019 midterm elections.

DZMM Teleradyo with Asst. Prof. Aimee Bautista

Asst. Prof. Aimee Bautista on voter’s education as regards candidates’ qualifications, roles and functions of senators, representatives, and local officials, youth vote, and other forms of participation

Duterte seen as endorser who values personal ties over platforms

Mr. Duterte’s peculiar style of endorsement is “still very personalistic,” said Dr. Maria Ela Atienza, head of the UP Department of Political Science. “Alliances, loyalty and support are more important to him. It’s like ‘I am indebted to them because they supported me.’”

Post-senatorial debate analysis of CNN Philippines' The Filipino Votes

Dr. Jean Encinas-Franco on the post-senatorial debate analysis of CNN’s The Filipino Votes.

Another journo joins politics: Jiggy Manicad's Senate bid faces spin test

"His decision to run with the backing of Sara Duterte, daughter of President Rodrigo Duterte, puts him in a difficult situation, as the administration has been accused of attacking and intimidating the country’s press, once regarded as one of the freest in the region,” Arugay added.

Youth and elections: Is there such a thing as a ‘youth vote’?

“Aimee Bautista, an assistant professor at the University of the Philippines-Diliman Political Science department, said that university life is one of the main factors of youth politicization. Bautista has done research on youth perceptions of the Sangguniang Kabataan, as well as the likelihood of university students participating in electoral politics."

Analysts flag concerns on carving up Palawan

“When a province is divided into small separate provinces and it occurs shortly before the election period, it is called gerrymandering,” explained Dr. Perlita Frago-Marasigan.

Duterte keen on not being seen as 'lame duck' in next 3 years: analyst

President Rodrigo Duterte wants to make sure that he doesn't spend the next 3 years perceived as a lame duck president, which is why he is actively campaigning for candidates who are loyal to him, an analyst said Sunday.

Pinipiling Senate bets ng mga botante, kumakaunti: survey

Mas kaunti na ngayon ang pinipiling kandidato ng mga botante para sa 2019 senatorial elections, ayon sa survey ng Pulse Asia.

Political parties, elections, and voting behavior on DZRH News’ Diskarte

Dr. Maria Ela Atienza talked about political parties, elections, and voting behavior on DZRH News’ Diskarte.

DZMM TeleRadyo’s Ikaw Na Forum for Halalan 2019

Kapamilya, handa ka na bang bumoto sa #Halalan2019? Tutok na sa #DZMMIkawNa Forum!

Boon or bane? When Sara’s politics departs from her father’s

In 5 cities in Metro Manila, Sara Duterte endorses local candidates different from those endorsed by her father's political party. She's flexing political muscle but how do two competing Duterte endorsements affect local polls?

Post-debate analysis of ANC's #Harapan2019

NOW: Maria Ela Atienza and Michael Henry Yusingco join for the post-debate analysis of the final round of : The ABS-CBN Town Hall Debate.

Pre-debate discussion of ANC's #Harapan2019

NOW: Maria Ela Atienza and Michael Henry Yusingco join for the pre-debate discussion of the final round of : The ABS-CBN Town Hall Debate.

Post-debate analysis of ANC's #Harapan2019

NOW: Join on her post-debate analysis with Dindo Manhit, President of Stratbase ADR Institute and UP Associate Professor Herman Kraft.

Pre-debate discussion of ANC's #Harapan2019

Can electoral reform curb patronage politics?

Students and scholars of political science gathered at the University of the Philippines Diliman’s Palma Hall in the morning of February 8, 2019 to listen to a lecture by Australia National University (ANU) Professor and Southeast Asia politics expert Paul Hutchcroft.

On the legacy of the 1986 People power, performance of the 1987 Constitution and, the responsibilities of voters this coming 2019 election

On the Halalan 2019 Senatorial Debate

Samahan sina Ricky Rosales at political science professors Jean Franco at Edmund Tayao para sa makabuluhang diskusyon sa Halalan 2019 bago ang Harapan 2019 mamayang 7 p.m.

On political dynasties, party-list system, and electoral and party system reforms

Different ‘Duterte’ senatorial slates may confuse voters

Separate campaign activities of senatorial aspirants backed by the Duterte administration may confuse voters and could even cost them votes, a political analyst said Friday.

How Duterte’s political style is hurting PDP-Laban in 2019

Are the midterm elections really a referendum on President Duterte?

If one goes by the prevalent commentary in the media, the thinking by now regarding this year’s midterm elections is that this transition in Rodrigo R. Duterte’s presidency will serve as a referendum on his administration.

Duterte eyes release of list of endorsed senatorial candidates: sources

President Rodrigo Duterte is said to soon release a list of his own senatorial candidates who he will endorse for the midterm elections in May. Around 10 to 11 hopefuls will be included in the list, which will be called "Du It." Sherrie Ann Torres reports.

Duterte posibleng maglabas ng listahan ng ieendorso sa pagkasenador

Posibleng maglabas si Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte ng sarili niyang listahan ng mga ieendorsong kandidato sa pagkasenador.

Promoting an awareness of federalism

She has spoken countless times on TV and radio as well as other media where her expertise in political science and forms of government were shared with wider and curious audiences. But Professor Maria Ela Atienza still feels that there is a lack of understanding of what federalism is and how it can affect people.

Eight senate bets bare plans in UP-held forum

Eight candidates for the Philippine Senate and their supporters trooped to the University Theater in UP Diliman on the afternoon of December 2, 2018 to participate in The Filipino Votes, a senatorial forum jointly organized by UP and CNN Philippines.