UP sa Halalan 2016 Briefing Session

 Dr. Jean Franco, UP sa Halalan 2016 Project Chairperson and political science professor, briefs CU point persons on the project.

The briefing introduces the constituent units to UP sa Halalan 2016, a system-wide project to promote clean, honest and empowering national elections: to generate plans and commitments for the implementation of the project. For UP Cebu, the PIO is the point body to coordinate election-related activities to the system.

The UP sa Halalan Project is a UP System voter education and information initiative for the 2016 National Elections.

The project will link up and involve local and international experts in poll-related discussions.

It will also involve heavily the students. The UP Diliman student council presented its “UP Your Vote” initiative, which covers voters’ eduction applications, debates, among others.

This is the first time that UP will partner with three major broadcast networks.

Dr. Jean Franco, project chairperson and professor of political science, presented the UP sa Halalan 2016 project to CU point persons.

Source: http://upcebu.edu.ph/up-sa-halalan-2016-briefing-session/