Francisco, Valerie, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Sociology and Social Sciences
San Jose State University, California, USA

Valerie Francisco is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology and Social Sciences at San Jose State University in San Jose, California. Francisco received her Ph.D. from the Department of Sociology at City University of New York, The Graduate Center. Her current book project explores the dynamics of gender and technology of care work in Filipino transnational families in the Philippines and the U.S.

Through an examination of neoliberal immigration policies and market forces, Francisco contextualizes the shifts in the long-standing transnational family formation in the Philippines. During her research in the Philippines, Francisco was a research associate at the Women and Development Studies at the University of the Philippines under the guidance of University of the Philippines former Faculty Regent, Professor Judy Taguiwalo.

Dr. Francisco research program includes a transnational study of Filipino migrant mothers in New York City and their families left behind in Manila and participatory action research with Filipino immigrants working as caregivers in the U.S. In journals like Critical Sociology, Working USA, The Philippine Sociological Review and International Review of Qualitative Research, Dr. Francisco also writes on the transnational activism that emerges from the social conditions of migration, separation and migrant labor.

Areas of Expertise

Filipino migrant political participation, influences in Filipino women's political participation in elections. Furthermore, my scholarship is on Filipino transnational families, gender, migration, Filipina domestic workers in the US; topics that are abundantly relevant to elections