Evangelista, John Andrew


Department of Sociology
University of the Philippines Diliman

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John Andrew G. Evangelista gained his bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences from the University of the Philippines-Baguio in 2010. He is currently teaching in the University of the Philippines-Diliman under the Sociology Department where he is also taking up his master’s degree in Sociology. Mr. Evangelista is presently writing his thesis proposal tentatively entitled “Wag Mashokot! Makiwarla!: Framing LGBT Advocacies during the Annual Metro Manila Pride March”. In this research, he seeks to look at how LGBT advocacies are framed throughout the history of the annual Metro Manila Pride March. His published academic works include “Gaze in the Dark: Sexual Discourses in Local Gay Bathhouses” and “On Queer and Capital: Borrowing Key Marxist Concepts to Enrich Queer Theorizing”. Both mentioned articles were published in the Philippine Sociological Review. Mr. Evangelista also published popular think pieces on line including “Same Sex Marriage: Not in Our Lifetime?” and “On Being Queer”.

Areas of Expertise

Mr. Evangelista is interested in gender and sexuality studies. He is particularly interested in the history of LGBT activism in the Philippines. In his master’s research project, he intends to look at the history of how LGBT advocacies are framed throughout the history of the Metro Manila Pride March.