Rye, Ranjit Singh, MPA

ranjit rye

Assistant Vice President for Public Affairs and
Assistant Professor of Political Science
University of the Philippines Diliman

Telephone number: (632)929-1288
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Ranjit Singh Rye is currently an Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science, University of the Philippines (U.P.) in Diliman where he also obtained his M.A. in Public Administration at the National College of Public Administration and Governance (NCPAG). He is also the Assistant Vice President for Public Affairs of the University of the Philippines System.

Professor Rye has spent nearly a decade doing policy work in the Philippine Congress. He has consulting experience in both the House of Representatives and the Philippine Senate. He has worked as a consultant from the 12th to 15th Congress and has since been a keen observer of local and national politics.

His areas of policy research in Congress cover higher education, poverty studies, local government and regional administration, corruption and governance studies as well as ICT for development.

Professor Rye has also done consulting work at the local government level and continues to do and to support advocacy work in arena of education reform and freedom of information in the Philippine Senate.

Areas of expertise

Legislative politics, policy analysis, local government and E-government studies.