Trillanes and the FOI bill

In the student-oriented elections forum The Rundown, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV claimed that he was the principal author of the Freedom of Information Bill in the Senate.

Fact check

The legislative history of the senate version of the Freedom of Information bill confirms that Trillanes is the first to file a bill (SB 11) to uphold “the right of access to information on matters of public concern.”  Subsequent bills were filed by other senators (SB 25, 126, 149, 158, 162, 1254, 1440, 1773, 2086, 2189, 2283, 2354) and were consolidated to become SB 3183 or the People’s Ownership of Government Information (POGI) Act of 2012.

The Senate voted unanimously in favor of the bill in the third reading last December 17, 2012.

As chairman of the Senate Committee on Civil Service and Government Reorganization, Trillanes is one of the bill’s five co-sponsors, together with Senators Gregorio Honasan II, Loren Legarda, Allan Peter Cayetano and Franklin M. Drilon.

Trillanes has been vocal about his support for the bill. At the height of the RH bill debate, Trillanes even insisted on prioritizing the passage of the FOI bill first.